About Me

On loving books and stories…

Whether you’re here to read a book review, talk about books in general, or you are like-minded (or not) in something else I’ve written, I’m glad you are here!

Obviously, I love all things books. I buy them, read them, talk about them, decorate with them, and always have one or more with me.

Beyond books, I love stories, and I believe everyone has one worth telling. I pass people when I’m out and about sometimes and think, “What’s your story? I’d love to sit down and listen if you’re willing to share.” We all have joys and hurts that helped shape who we are today. So what about you?

In my life, I believe my story is ultimately God’s story of redeeming me and bringing me to the point of knowing and loving Him. You see, God is the best storyteller. He wrote a book called the Bible and it is the story of God and how He draws people like you and me to Himself. So whether the story is yours or mine, it’s really a smaller story in His grander one. To me, that’s amazing!

Just to give a glimpse of who I am when I’m not reading or writing, I am married to Phil, and we currently live near Raleigh, NC. We have an infant son, Mark, who adds joy to our lives daily. Phil goes to school full time in pursuit of an M.Div in international church planting, and we are looking forward to seeing where God will lead us next!


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