Burlwood Forest {review}

Michael Pumpernickel is not one of the cool kids. In fact, his own mom doesn’t even make him breakfast on his first day of sixth grade! (as the narrator of Burlwood Forest would say, NOT cool…) All Michael cares about is dessert and school until the day he enters Burlwood Forest, where everyone (including the animals) knows his name and is counting on him to defeat Lord Piper!

I loved the easy-to-read format that this story was written in. The narrator interacts with the reader in a way that I have never seen before in a book. As I was reading, I was transported into the story as if I was sitting across from a talking animal! Ok, maybe not, but pretty close! In any case, the author engaged his audience in an incredible way. The writing style was by far my favorite aspect of this story.

My favorite genres are biography and dramas, so you could say that Burlwood Forest is not my typical choice. But who says adults can’t get in touch with their inner kid every once in a while? Burlwood Forest is a fun, easy read for kids of all ages. What comes to mind is Narnia meets A Series of Unfortunate Events. It is imaginative, wacky, and altogether enjoyable. It ends in a complete cliffhanger, so readers will need to stay tuned to see what Michael does next!

Update: To be entered to WIN a copy of this fun read, all you have to do is hop over to facebook and “like” Pumpernickel Art! That’s it! I’ve even made it easy for you by giving you the link: https://www.facebook.com/pumpernickelart


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