New Morning Mercies {review}

Paul David Tripp shares in the intro to New Morning Mercies that the idea for this 365 day devotional was born because of the response he got from tweeting Gospel-centered thoughts on Twitter every day. He took those “tweets” and expanded them, and this treasure was written.

I think it says a lot that these devotional thoughts started out as tweets. 140 characters is not a lot at all (anyone on Twitter knows this) but Tripp was clearly able to communicate Gospel truth with just a few words. In this age, skimming is often favored over reading in depth, but thankfully Tripp packed each word intentionally with truth we all desperately need to hear.

The format of the book was my favorite aspect. The devotional thoughts were rich with truth but short enough to read in 2-3 minutes. It is obviously written as a devotional for a whole year, but with the entries being so short it is not hard to read multiple passages in one day! I have this on my kindle and enjoy reading a thought when I get to work and again at lunch (and maybe even again at bedtime!). I loved that he also gave a Bible passage to go with each thought for more in depth study, so the reader has freedom to use this in many different ways. 

I would recommend this for a new believer or someone who has been walking with the Lord for 50 years! We all need to be reminded daily of our desperate need for saving grace.

New Morning Mercies has a publication date of October 31, 2014 from Crossway.

*I recieved an advanced copy of this in ebook form from in exchange for an honest review.*


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