When Reading for Class is Fun {book review}

Remember when you had to read Lord of the Flies (or insert any other mandatory reading here) in high school? If you’re like me, reading is only fun until you’re made to do it. Fortunately, taking classes on subjects you are actually interested in helps.
I recently started taking classes through Southeastern Theological Seminary’s Biblical Women’s Institute. (Wow, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?) I just finished one class called “Biblical Theology of Womanhood” yesterday. For that class, we had to read a book by Carolyn McCulley, titled Radical Womanhood. It gave an overview of the feminist movement and how it has impacted our culture. Talk about eye-opening!
The format of the book is great. Each chapter focuses on a particular hot-topic issue between feminism and what the Bible says (i.e. male leadership). The author, Carolyn McCulley is a former self-proclaimed feminist herself, and her insight gives great depth to her position. She contrasts what leaders in the feminist movement conclude about womanhood with what the Bible says. At the end of each chapter is a personal story from women who have lived on either “side” of the debate, which adds a personal dimension to the information given.
Overall, I recommend this book to every woman living in the 21st century! I believe that sometimes we can blindly follow our culture without considering the source or counting the cost. Carolyn’s arguments help readers do both. Check out her book here.


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