Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury {review}

Fifteen Minutes
Title: Fifteen Minutes
Author: Karen Kingsbury
ISBN: 9781451647051
Finished: 5/10/14
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
The Gist: Zack Dylan loves his family, the horse farm, his girlfriend Reese, and his Jesus. He also has a gift for singing and decides to use that gift to try out for the biggest singing competition television show, Fifteen Minutes. His intentions are pure; he wants to save the failing horse farm and get medical help for his sick sister. The ones who love him most support his decision to audition for the show, but are afraid of how he might change. Zack promises that he will not change no matter how far he makes it. Meanwhile, Chandra Olsen, one of the judges, has walked that road before and knows the ultimate cost of fame. Will her warning to Zack Dylan come in time? 
What I liked: I always enjoy when an author can weave multiple stories together into one fabric. Karen Kingsbury brings depth to the overall story by shifting from Zack’s story, to Chandra’s, and even to Kelly’s (another judge on the show). This way of telling the story kept my interest as I read better than a one-dimensional account of Zack’s journey only. Kingsbury also does a great job of getting her main point (the cost of fame) across to readers in a manner that feels genuine.
What I didn’t: The book as a whole is decent, but honestly the story line is a bit cliche. It is obvious that it is written after American Idol, which makes it seem somewhat cheesy and predictable to me. A different setting would have been more believable, in my opinion. {possible spoiler alert} I appreciated the realism of the ending (not everything is happily ever after), but would have liked to see a little more resolution of what happens between Zack and Reese.
Fifteen Minutes is a sweet story with a clear message. It is a quick read that reminds its audience of what is truly important in life. In short, I love the message of the book but would have enjoyed a different setting that would make the story more believable.  

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