Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic {book review}

Front Cover
Title: Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action
ISBN: 9780307730886
Read: 2/9 to 3/30
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

The Gist: Unstoppable is the newest book by Nick Vujicic, who has also written Life Without Limits and several other books about his incredible story. Vujicic is best known for his role as a speaker and evangelist all over the world. He uses the platform he believes God has given him in his struggles to live without arms or legs to encourage many people. Unstoppable is a blend of Vujicic’s own experiences and stories of people he has encountered in his travels. He believes the key to a fulfilled life is to put faith in action.

What I liked: No matter who you are or what background you come from, Vujicic’s story is amazing. To be born without arms or legs and still encourage and motivate others is incredible. I love his story and think he has made a positive difference in so many lives. 
I liked that he pulled examples from people he had met to emphasize his own ideas. Many of the stories showed how good came out of bad situations. What’s not to like about that? 
What I didn’t: This part of the review is tough for me because I am worried that it is just an opinion. In any case, here are my thoughts. I LOVE the fact that Nick Vujicic travels all over the world and tells people about Jesus! He believes that salvation comes only through Him and has found his own strength in his faith. That part is amazing. However, many times throughout the book, I felt that he made it seem that Jesus was his chosen faith, but whatever faith YOU might choose, that is good for you. For one example, see this excerpt from chapter 1: You have a choice. You can either believe or not believe. But if you believe–whatever you believe–you must act upon it. Otherwise, why believe? To me, his view of faith was like the magic bullet that makes everything ok. If you believe in something and put it in action, good will come from your situation and you will live a happier life. Even his emphasis of faith in action (which IS Biblical–see James 2) regardless of what you believe in negates the power of the gospel itself. The gospel of Jesus says that HE alone is the good in me, His spirit alone gives me power to act, He has done everything necessary for my salvation. I do think Nick Vujicic and I believe the same basic things, but the way it came across in his book fell flat for me. 

On a final note, I do think Nick Vujicic is a great speaker and continues to encourage millions.  I would not recommend this book based on its theology, but as a good story of an encouraging person, it’s a decent read. I imagine I would enjoy Life Without Limits which focuses more on his story rather than one main idea.

Happy reading, 



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