Confessions of a Rookie Book Reviewer

I found out today that I have NOT been reviewing books. This realization was a bit of a shock to me, a self-proclaimed book lover and active member. While I thought I was reviewing books with my 1-5 star ratings and 2-4 sentence paragraphs, what I’ve really been doing this whole time is giving an opinion that probably doesn’t matter much to anyone but me. 

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. But, it makes me sad to think that I have not done justice to many books that have greatly impacted my life because of the way I told people about them. 
Books are some of my favorite things in the world. They have taught me, shaped me, healed me, and taken me to places far outside “my own little world.” My heart is to serve people and hopefully make a difference in their lives. Based on the incredible impression books have had on my life, I believe steering people in the direction of great books will have a powerful effect on their lives as well. 
So… with all that said, I did some research today on what creates a great book review. Unsupported opinions, general statements, and neglecting to consider the audience makes for a book “review” that won’t go much further than my own eyes. Instead, there are wonderful tips found in these two articles. I hope to put these strategies into practice just as soon as I finish my next book! 🙂 
Happy reading, 

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